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Jimmy the Man is involved in many projects and passions. Learn more about some of his more successful ventures and interact with some of the other websites he's developed for his businesses. You may find a service that benefits you!

Cornucopia of Cash
New!Jimmy the Author has 15 years in the Credit Card Processing Industry and he wants you to Learn How to Earn a Cornucopia Of Cash.

Time Be Hard for the White Man - iTunes Release! Jimmy the Musician with his old band 2nd Grade and his CD
Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to be a rock star... I was 14 when I first picked up the guitar...

Jimmy the Ravens Beer Man
Jimmy the Ravens Beer Man (2000-2004)

Jimmy the ATM / POS / Credit Card Processing Man
The Credit Card Store offers Point of Sale Equipment and Virtual Systems to help your business process Credit Cards in your store or around the world with Credit Card Transaction Processing online.

Jimmy the Photographer and Videographer
Current Special: Free "Growing Up" Slide Show at your Wedding Reception with any Photography or Video w/Editing Package

My Road to 2020.com
Read, comment, and follow Jimmy's Road to Retirement Blog

Family First Mediation.com
Meet the Man's better half, Jimmy's wife Sally and her business
Sally's goals are to create a setting where people have an opportunity to really listen to each other and to be fully heard, to direct the clients attention towards making workable plans for the future, rather than assigning blame for the past, and to help the clients create the most constructive and fairest agreement possible by maximizing the outcome for all involved.

Photo of Book - Cornucopia of Cash